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Lynsey Callaghan


Following an undergraduate degree in music education (Trinity College, Dublin and DIT Conservatory of Music) and a masters degree in choral conducting (Royal Irish Academy of Music and Trinity College, Dublin), Lynsey Callaghan is currently undertaking a PhD in musicology in Trinity College, Dublin.  During her undergraduate degree, Lynsey studied at the Kodály Institute of the Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music in Hungary.  She has studied with Dr Doreen Rao in both Ireland and Chicago and holds Level 3 certification from the CME Institute.  Lynsey was a finalist in the Feis Ceoil Orchestral Conducting Competition 2016 and as part of this, she conducted the RTÉ Concert Orchestra.


In addition to her work as the Musical Director of the Belfast Philharmonic Youth and Chamber Choirs, Lynsey is currently the musical director of Tallaght Choral Society and conductor of Fingal Youth Orchestra and Trinity Orchestra. She works as a musicianship tutor for the National Youth Choirs of Great Britain and has taught musicianship to Irish Youth Training Choir and Irish Youth Choir. Last summer Lynsey was soprano tutor to Irish Youth Training Choir. This summer she assumed the position of Head of Musicianship for Ulster Youth Choir and Ulster Youth Training Choir. She is Head of Musicianship for Youth Choir Kenya and Conductor of the Junior Youth Choir of Kenya.


Lynsey conducted Voci Nuove, a Cork-based chamber choir. Under her direction, Voci Nuove was awarded the Victor Leeson Perpetual Trophy and named Ireland’s Choir of the Year 2016 for the second consecutive year at the Cork International Choral Festival. Lynsey was Conductor in Training 2012 - 14 for the RTÉ Performing Groups and the Association of Irish Choirs. In this position, she conducted Irish Youth Choir and Irish Youth Chamber Choir in various performances, Ulster Youth Choir, and was assistant conductor to the RTÉ Philharmonic Choir. From 2013 to 2015, Lynsey was the music assistant to RTÉ Cór na nÓg. She has conducted Bemused? and Trinity Singers. In 2012, Lynsey co-founded and co-directed Trinitones, Trinity College's first male a cappella group.


As a singer, Lynsey has performed with many choirs, including Irish Youth Choir, Irish Youth Chamber Choir, Trinity Singers, Bemused?, Ulster Youth Choir, and Laetare Vocal Ensemble.


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