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Rodgers & Hammerstein

13th Nov 2015, Ulster Hall Belfast

Revisiting musical theatre's golden age


The Ulster Orchestra continued to demonstrate its pulling power at the Ulster Hall on Friday.


The other big attraction was the Rodgers & Hammerstein programme which brought together many of teh hits of the considerable and collaborative talents of both men from the golden age of musical theatre.


One masterstroke was the inclusion of the Belfast Philharmonic Choir which enjoyed itself hugely on this more populist outing.


There were many other memorable moments, including the uplifting You'll Never Walk Alone, which soared above its sometimes dirge-like quality as the Liverpool football anthem.


The performances once again were a reminder of the timeless brililance of Rodgers' music, and the often poetical Hammerstein lyrics.


The orchestra is showing that it is a great unifying force in this province for people from every background.


Alf McCreary

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